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My Services


I offer one-hour personal sessions in-person or via Zoom/Skype. We will begin our work by exploring areas of life where you want more fulfillment or are experiencing blocks in your daily life. From there, we will work with the underlying attitudes, misconceptions and beliefs that block the flow of your true self.


The 258 Pathwork lectures present the core of the Pathwork principles and the process of self-transformation that it offers. My online and in-person courses allow you to more fully understand the Pathwork principles about mind and consciousness and how to apply them to your daily life through study, meditation and prayer. They also are the foundation for deeper Pathwork experience through the Pathwork Transformation Program offered by the Pathwork of California.


This course begins with an initial phone or online consultation and continues with a ½ day workshop, either in person or online. This is an ideal way to learn about the Pathwork and experience some of the processes used to achieve self-transformation.


Several times per year I co-teach Pathwork based workshops with other Pathwork Helpers in California.

These events run from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon and give participants the opportunity to explore personal issues within a safe, supportive setting. Each workshop is designed around a theme or topic, such as relationships, limiting beliefs, or the longing for deeper connection with our inner wisdom.


Free "Right Fit" Session

Wondering if my method of working is right for you? I offer a free 20 minute online or phone session aimed at  answering your questions and determining working together would be beneficial for you at this time.


I offer personal instruction in guided or silent meditation and prayer practices that are the foundation of the Pathwork process of self-transformation. Instruction is available either in-person or online.

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