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Jack Bodger

I am a Pathwork Helper who teaches Pathwork in Santa Barbara County, California. I graduated from Pathwork Helpership Training, Madison VA, in 2018 after completing Advanced Pathwork Studies in 2016 and Pathwork Transformation Program in 2014. 


My passion for Pathwork includes offering personal sessions, teaching the Pathwork Lectures, and in-depth study of the various methods of meditation described in the Pathwork and their counterparts in the Vedic Tradition of India. I have taught Pathwork in North American and Japan.


My connection with mind and consciousness began in the mid-1960s with explorations Taoism and Vedanta. I was initiated into the Vedic Tradition in 1968 and deepened my experience with further in-depth trainings in America, Europe and India from 1970-1986. 


In the early 1990, I began to explore the dynamics of consciousness, mind, body, emotions and soul as taught by the Pathwork of Self Transformation and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science. I completed the Brennan School in 1998 and completed 10 years of study in the Pathwork in 2018 as a graduate of the Pathwork Helper Training program.

In 2021 I began the Somatic Experiencing training, as taught by Peter Levine. I completed the coursework in February 2024 and am working towards Certification as an SE Practictioner.


Along the way I explored my relationship with the natural world through Co-Creative Science as taught by Machaelle Wright, Plant Spirit Medicine as taught by Eliot Cohen and the traditional Indian science of life known as Ayurveda.

Self Awareness
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