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The Basis for Evolutionary Relationships

An online Lecture Discussion hosted by
the Great Lakes Pathwork
October 11, 2020
12 Noon - 2 pm PacificTime
3 pm - 5 pm Eastern Time
Themes for this Discussion drawn from Pathwork Lectures:
#185: Mutuality: A Cosmic Principle and Law
#180: The Spiritual Meaning of Human Relationships

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The Pathwork defines mutuality as that which bridges the gap between separate entities or elements, allowing them to come together into a unified whole.

Mutuality is a core principle of the Pathwork and is described as a Cosmic Law. It is necessary for any type of relationship and is the foundation of creativity and manifestation.

Please join Dr. Sharon Ybarra, LMFT / Pathwork Helpership Student and Jack Bodger, Pathwork Apprentice Helper for an online presentation about Mutuality as a basis for evolutionary relationships.

Some of the topics we will cover during this presentation are: 

  • Mutuality as it Manifests in Life

  • Mutuality in Human Relationships

  • Obstacles to Mutuality in Relationships

  • Co-Creative Partnership based in Mutuality

Please contact me and I will send you an invitation to attend this free online presentation via Zoom.

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