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Journey to the True Self

The Source of Peace, Wisdom and Creativity


My passion is supporting a person on the journey to the true, real self. This true self is an inner template that is uniquely our own.  If we don’t yet experience this level of ourselves, it is hard to imagine such a state exists, yet it is within each of us. In order to access this wisdom, we must clear the obstacles that obscure this Real or True Self.


Using the tools and resources of the Pathwork method of self-transformation, I offer a gentle way of working, that allows you to identify and work through these inner obstacles. You will discover and honestly face the misconceptions about life and the limiting beliefs that hold you back. With positive intention and identification with the spiritual self, these obstacles will be gradually transformed, freeing inner wisdom and allowing it to flow into all aspects of your life, opening the way to cosmic consciousness.


As this process unfolds, a more receptive, listening experience of life emerges. You will find an inner rhythm that when experienced, allows greater ease, flow, gracefulness to living. This true self offers us far greater resources that what we can achieve on our own, as an isolated, separate person.

What is Pathwork?

The Pathwork®, founded by Eva Pierrakos, is a spiritual path of self-purification and self-transformation on all levels of mind and consciousness. It is a path of self-knowledge, self-responsibility and acceptance of our humanness. As we honestly and compassionately face ourselves, we understand the cause and effect of our own actions and how we create our life experiences, both desirable and undesirable. As this understanding grows, our ability to create the life we desire increases. 

Jack Bodger, Pathwork Helper

Carpinteria, California, USA

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