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How Perfectionism Obstructs Happiness

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

The difference between growth and perfectionism is acceptance. All life is growing, changing, but that growth is grounded in the current state of development. Perfectionism is the attempt to skip ahead to some new, imagined state without taking stock of our current limitations.

If we ignore or suppress awareness of our shortcomings, our current state of imperfection, it leads to a subconscious dissatisfaction with the imperfection of life. As long as you unconsciously strive for a perfection that does not exist on earth, you cannot accept what is, and therefore your life and your relationships will be spoiled. You cannot grow, and thus change whatever is changeable and could be much better, even though never perfect. Once you begin to accept your own imperfection, you can begin to grow and experience the joy that comes from your own uniqueness.

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